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    Professional Manufacturer of Magnets & Magnetic components

    CHONGQING GREAT WELL MAGNET CO., LTD. is a manufacturer and exporter all sorts of magnets and magnetic components.

    The two major magnets we have produce are: Ferrite magnets and rare earth magnets (sintered and bonded NdFeB, SmCo etc). All magnets can be customized performance and various shapes according to customer requirements.

    The ferrite magnetic components we have produced are: Planar Transfomer, Planar Inductor, SMT Transformer, SMT Inductors, SMD Drive Transformer, SMDRH Type Inductors, RM Type Transformer, High-voltage Transformer, Switching Transformer etc.

    Especially in recent years, we get involved in the communication magnetic components supporting field, dedicated to communication module power supply design and production. Takes the lead in the domestic developed from a few w ~ 10000w power use tablet devices and SMT components, technology has been in the industry leader.

    Our customers: Emerson and other abroad, domestic Huawei and ZTE.

    Specially:We can not only be OEM, but also be ODM for customers.

    Our first ferrite magnet factory was established in 1960s, and we have been developing the leading technology of magnet in China all these years.

    Up to this present day, our magnets and magnetic components have been exported to U.S.A, Europe, Korea, Japan and Taiwan area etc.

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